Province of Brindisi, Puglia (Apulia) Region, Italy

Coat of Arms of the Province of BrindisiThe Province of Brindisi has an area of 1,839 sq km, and a total population of 402,422 in the 2001 census. It was established in the year 1927 and is administratively divided into 20 Municipalities, with capital the city of Brindisi.

The territory goes from the southern Murge hills to the Messapian plain, which was once covered by marshes, and was always a border area between Roman Apulia and the greek-influenced Salentina peninsula.

The very long coastline - over 80 km - is characterized by a great number of small bays alternating to sandy or rocky beaches, which make it a paradise for tourists. The main cultivations are olive trees and vineyards, whose production is of high quality and renowned all over Italy and beyond, as well as artichokes, tomatoes and watermelons.


Area: 1.839 km² -- Population: about 400,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal codes: 72100, 72010-72029 -- Phone Area Codes: /puglia/brindisi/ -- Car Plate: BR -- Communes: 20 communes -- According to an administrative reform from 1 Jan 2014, the Province is scheduled for suppression and fusion with the Province of Taranto; the commune of Fasano will be included in the province of Bari, and the communes of Cellino San Marco, Erchie, Mesagne, San Donaci, San Pancrazio Salentino, San Pietro Vernotico, Torchiarolo and Torre Santa Susanna will be included in the Province of Lecce.

The Comuni in the Province of Brindisi

Province of Brindisi

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